What is it?

It’s a digital assistant that consists of different components, sort of like a construction set. Because of this our customers have maximum flexibility in their conversational AI strategy. These components are tailored to the goal of the assistant. Sometimes a complex conversation makes for the best customer experience, sometimes simply pointing someone in the right direction is enough. Through this construction set you offer your customers the best experience when it comes to conversational AI.

A good conversational AI strategy ensures maximum accessibility and convenience for the user. It consists of three components:

Speech to text; Speech will be converted to text. For example we will teach the assistant to listen to the lingo of your branch. Another example is the advantage of handling sensitive privacy information, you’ll have complete control over that. 

Central nervous system; The bot ‘’comes up’’ with an answer. The question is clear, the answer follows. The level of complexity of the assistant will be decided by which botplatform fits the best. Already made the choice for platform? The assistant is platform-independent so that won’t be a problem. 

Text-to-speech; The bot will use speech to give an answer. Which voice is used can be completely adjusted to fit the situation. 

In short

Increases digital accessibility
On websites, apps and in phones
Complete control over data
Works independently from platforms

Platform-independent digital assistant

The digital assistant helps your customers fast, interactive and automated. It can be reached within a widget and a webpage.
This experience is provided independently from the type of botplatform, text-to-speech & speech-to-text technologies. Everything can be customized, just like you would expect on a normal website.

The video below shows you what this looks like in practice.