Search less, find more.

Genius Voice replaces your current website search and makes it more accessible through an improved algorithm and voice search capabilities. This enhanced algorithm uses semantic search to handle synonyms and typos better. Users find what they want quicker, expressing themselves how they want.

Deploy your personalized search engine within an hour

Increase accessibility by letting visitors talk with your website to get what they want.

Use our analytics dashboard to optimize results and learn from what your users tell you.

It's like asking a human

If the user makes a few typos, we'll still know what they meant. Also, the search function can act like a chatbot when a follow-up question is needed to understand the user's query. These functionalities increase accessibility since fewer digital skills are required to find the answer.

It's accessible for everyone

Your website visitor may prefer speaking or typing. They find what they need in both cases because the product is developed with accessibility in mind. Also, it adheres to the WCAG guidelines, so you're a front-runner in digital accessibility.

Meaningful recommendations

The semantic algorithm understands what the user says. This means that it recommends related content, regardless of tags or other metadata; the page content alone does the trick. People find more relevant information and will engage with your content for longer.

What makes Genius Voice ideal for search?

One of the most common website visitor frustrations is a search engine that does not find anything. Unlike traditional search algorithms, Genius Voice Search uses semantic algorithms to give the user an answer to their question. At times this may be a short answer (i.e., till when are you open on Mondays?) or a whole page for the user to read (i.e., what is the best search algorithm on the market?)

Developed accessibility-first and voice-first

Created together with world-leading universities

Flexible pricing plans, pay monthly or yearly

Full control over data flow, GDPR proof