What is it?

In short, it’s a framework that enables chatbot teams to develop the perfect digital assistant. The quick implementation ensures that the assistant is up and running in no-time. We can also enable it on scale and the bot will immediately understand your customer because of pre-trained intents.

In essence it’s 1 digital assistant that has multiple input and output methods. Customers have the option to speak as well as chat to the assistant. The assistant adapts the way it responds to the method of communication. Even if the method of communication changes mid-conversation. To the assistant it doesn't make a difference. To the customer it does. The customer has an intuitive conversation and get the answer he or she is looking for.

The customer starts the conversation by chatting or speaking to the assistant. This will be converted to text. The conversation is guided through a chatbot platform of your choice, this can even be your current platform. If necessary, the bot will communicate with your databases and CRM-systems for an optimal customer experience. Has the customer send a message via text? Then they receive a message via text. Has the customer asked a question via speech? Then they receive a message via speech. The assistant is dynamic, and your customer is satisfied.

In short

Chatbot, voicebot and smart IVR
Available everywhere, even in your browser
Integrates with databases and CRM
No matter what botplatform you use

And now for real

Schematische weergave van het product van Genius Voice