Reduce time spent on repetitive questions

Increase engagement and decrease the amount of time people in your organisation spend on answering the same questions. Want to know how we helped over 2.000.000 users? Get a free consult!

Many bots, one goal

Here are some of the organizations we've helped improve their virtual assistants. We focus on understanding your needs and make sure your vital business goals are met.

What makes Genius Voice ideal for conversational interactions?

Just like you train your customer service representatives, we train the digital assistant to help your customers.
By making use of our self-developed large language model (LLM) there is no question the bot won’t understand. A virtual assistant should not be limited to answering questions only. To be really useful, bots should handle repetitive tasks instead of your people. To gain insights in the performance and user needs, we always include our advanced analytics tool. Because only users know what the bot should be able to do.


Specialized in government, education and research

Know what people say with our advanced analytics tool

Language model optimized in collaboration with leading universities

All data stays in Europe and is handled according to the GDPR

Municipalities of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg and 15 others

Municipalities of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg and 15 others

“One bot for all Dutch municipalities”

All the Dutch municipalities have very similar processes for handling services and products for their citizens. Why would they all need to build their own bot when a single one can do the job? Municipalities can still express differently due to the possibility of customizing their answers in a CMS.

Dutch Public Broadcasting services (NPO)

Dutch Public Broadcasting services (NPO)

“Educational bot interactions for innovative learning”

We all remember the time when our children couldn't go to school. We all remember the days when our children had classes via Zoom or Microsoft teams. For young kids, focusing for hours and consuming information via video call was challenging. Together with NTR, part of the Dutch Public Broadcasting services (NPO), we've created an interactive interface where children can explore history by talking or chatting with a historical figure.

We’ve already conversationalized them!

During the past years, we've supported many different organizations in improving their bot to the next level. These are two examples, with very different use-cases.

What are the benefits

When reaching out to an organisation, there’s (almost) nothing worse than employees not understanding your problem or question. This principle also applies to virtual assistants. We’ll ensure your bot understands and answers the user’s questions, on every channel imaginable. Whether someone calls or visits your website, the answer will be the same.

Decrease time spent on customer service

Decrease pressure on traditional channels

24/7 available for conversations

Automate repetitive tasks

Technical expertise

Our development heroes
Our team consists of passionate data scientists and full-stack developers specializing in Conversational AI. We have experience training and deploying state-of-the-art (large) language models to help bring the intelligence of your bot to the next level. We are familiar with different state-of-the-art models for intent classification, topic modeling, entity recognition, translation, language detection, semantic search, question generation, semantic clustering, and more.

Conversational AI frameworks
We are familiar with the most popular conversational AI frameworks such as Rasa, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Azure bot framework, and more.

Data-driven development
Conversational AI bots are hard to monitor and scale without a data-driven approach. In most Conversational AI teams, live and historical data are not efficiently used to improve the AI bot. From our perspective, there are two crucial data-driven parts. The first one is automating the process of analyzing and clustering incoming questions. This solution will enable conversation designers and developers to make the right decisions in a data-driven manner. The second part is automating the evaluation of the machine-learning models. Without these tools, a conversational AI team will get lost in the number of user intents and poor performance of the AI bot. The bigger the bot, the harder it will be to monitor the performance and make the right decisions.

Our developers have a solid understanding of Git, CI/CD, Docker containers, Cloud computing, and IaC. This makes it easy for our developers to work with your software development team or set up auto-deployment for all your conversational AI solutions.

Could you also implement other channels, such as Whatsapp?
Yes, we've created multiple connectors for the most used platforms.
What is the time to implement?
For most clients, we have an initial improvement ready within two weeks.
Is your service language specific?
We can train your bot to understand and answer in multiple languages.