Maximum accessibility
through conversationaltechnology.

What if you could have a conversation with everybody that visits your website?
That's what i want!
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What do we offer?

A digital assistant that makes website content available for everyone. You have full control over the data that's generated. 

The user will access the website, ask a question and get the answer.  Combine chat and voice in one interface simply because people don’t always enjoy typing or speaking. This ensures nobody is excluded.

We help you develop the assistant. Already have a (chat)bot? Our technology can work with your existing solution. 

Why do we make it?

Your customers are happy
They quickly find what they’re looking for
Your content manager is happy
We use existing content
Your customer service employees are happy
They have more time to handle complex questions
You are happy
All of the above
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They already delight their customers

  • For the Dutch government, we used Rasa Stack to develop a custom assistant. It can provide service in all the 300+ Dutch municipalities and it decreases the number of phone calls they receive.
    accessible to customers
    Live chat integration

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  • For erasmus university Rotterdam, among others, we made it possible to do research remotely. Because of this, everything just goes on, even when people aren't allowed to get together.
    Respondents by the hour.
    Accessible to respondents.

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Experience it yourself!

We would like to make it easier to visualize all of this. 

We can show you what the assistant looks like on your website in a demo. After that we will look at use cases and make an estimation of the impact on your organisation.

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