Voice and conversational experiments,
made easy

Spend less time setting up your experimental studies and spend more time on research. Gather participants through MTurk or Prolific.
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What do we offer?

We offer researchers a chance to focus on what they are good at; researching. We help you conduct your experiments online by creating a website or bot conversation per condition. You can also integrate your existing (Dialogflow/Alexa)bot into the platform.

The conditions will be integrated into the survey software of your choice. You'll have access to the database so you see results right away. 

It works as follows; First you decide on how many respondents and conditions you'd like to see in the experiment. Second, we will get in contact with you and make sure everybody is on the same page. Within two business days you'll see the first version of your conditions. 

You benefit because

It gives you more time for research
Offline experiments are time consuming.
Increase generalizability
Gather more participants through Prolific.
Inrease validity
Recreate real-life scenario's.
It costs less
Offline participants need to be payed more.
What does it cost?


Experience it yourself!

Revolutionary technology is often hard to understand without some help. 

Book a demo and we'll show you how it works. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer any question you have. 

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