Automated product support

You're growing with your company, great! But this also means that the amount of customer inquiries is growing. Instead of adding new employees to the customer support team, choose a scalable alternative. Provide your users with a tool that directly answers questions using all relevant information you have.

Decrease pressure on traditional product support methods

Answer the user's question automatically

Increase user satisfaction instantly

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Seamless product support

Utilize your product and support documentation effectively. Machine learning software trains a model on all your product information and is ready to answer questions within hours.

Scaled customer support solution

When expanding market share, service questions will synchronously grow. Genius Voice scales your customer service and answers repetitive questions before they reach your human support team.

Focus on the service requests that need it!

A customer service employee spends 40 minutes an hour solving repetitive requests. By automating these cases, the focus can shift to more complex issues. More customers get help in less time!

The software utilizes your FAQs, guides, website content, and more to index all available information. Because of that, your automated service desk can be online in just a few hours without the need to complete a complicated set-up.

Designed for all types of organizations

Created together with world-leading universities

Flexible pricing plans, pay monthly or yearly

Full control over data flow, GDPR proof