About Genius Voice

We don’t see voice as a new channel. Speaking is simply a way of getting your thoughts out. We are working together to make this process feel as natural as we can. You can find the optimal customer experience at the point where both computers and humans do what they do best. 

When we wanted to develop the voice experience we dreamt of we couldn’t do it. The technology was not ready for it or the platform owners limited us. For example logging in is not possible for everyone, often it’s not necessary and it worsens the accessibility.

We started this in 2018. Now it’s time to enable other companies to develop inclusive conversational experiences. This way we come one step closer to our dream every day; 

Making information on the internet easily available to everyone by providing a perfect customer experience.


Luuk van Hoogstraten

Business | Marketing | Always improving

Voice gives companies the opportunity to make customer interaction enjoyable and more efficient, I love to help them with seizing this opportunity. Coding is something I leave to the other guys, in turn they leave the rest to me. Genius Voice makes more than just technology, it makes technology that people want. I try to question everything we do, so that the value of that technology becomes bigger and bigger every day.

Dylan Mattijssen

Front-end | User experience | Voice specialist

People love to communicate in fast and easy ways. Speech is the most natural of these ways. I work on the front-end of the assistants, the processing of the context, the several user paths and more. All this to ensure that the customer communication is as accessible as can be. This is how we work on technically excellent products that perfectly fit into the market.

Jason Oleana

Deep learning | Machine learning | Don't bother while coding

Voice provides you with the opportunities to achieve your goals, even if you’re busy. The accessibility and speed of voice play a big part in this. You can effortlessly combine it with your other tasks. I continuously improve the intelligence of the assistant, by immersing myself into machine learning and deep learning. By doing this we are getting gradually closer to a natural conversation without barriers; the perfect customer experience.
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