The new way of falling back

Why bother your (chat)bot users with hard fallbacks if you have another chance to give them the answer they need? Meet our smart fallback software, based on semantic search! Try it out yourself by clicking on the chat widget in the lower right corner.

More bot content in less time

Answer the user's question automatically

Increase user satisfaction instantly

Chat conversation displaying a hard fallback

When talking with a chatbot…

we might end up dealing with the fallback. Fallbacks often provide no helpful information at all and decrease conversation satisfaction.

But how nice would it be…

the bot would still be able to answer the user's question. Even when the question is not captured by the bot development team yet.

Answers to questions your bot doesn’t know!

Users talk with your bot to receive a piece of information or to get something done. We all know how hard it is to cover all possible topics and questions within a chatbot. Moreover, it often happens that the bot should be able to answer a question but doesn’t due to low NLU confidence. Using smart fallback, your users will still get their questions answered and won’t even know they’ve ended up in a fallback.


Designed for all chatbot infrastructures

Created together with world-leading universities

Flexible pricing plans, pay monthly or yearly

Full control over data flow, GDPR proof