Virtual assistent Gem

An innovation group, set up by the municipalities of Tilburg and Utrecht, wants to respond to the changing wishes of residents. They noticed a growing demand from citizens who want to chat with their municipality in order to get answers to their question outside office hours. Moreover, a conversational bot can provide support to the employees of the customer contact center.

An important requirement of the project is that this digital assistant is developed once for all Dutch municipalities. In addition to a widget on the website of municipalities, residents can also communicate with the bot via the Google Assistant, WhatsApp and telephone. Whenever the virtual assistant really cannot answer the question, he transfers the resident to an employee!

"One virtual assistant for all municipalities"


A pilot with the municipality of Dongen has shown that the assistant scores an 8+ on 70% of the questions asked. These questions were recognized and answered without any problem.

The number of municipalities in which Gem is available is currently being expanded throughout the Netherlands. About 850,000 residents can use the digital assistant. The bot is active in the municipality of Utrecht, Tilburg and Drechtsteden. 
Chatgesprek met gemeente assistent Gem