Speechresearch   modality

Professors of the universities of Rotterdam, Maastricht and Stanford conduct research into consumer decisions. They research whether there is a difference between an oral or motoric decision. (e.g. pressing a button).

Previously, the researches were carried out on location, which took time and energy. A major disadvantage of physically conducting these experiments is the lack of scalability. 

Genius Voice has created a web application in which participants can make a choice by speech or click. This allows the researchers to conduct research on a large scale, in a fraction of the time. In addition, the web application can be integrated into survey software, such as Qualtrics.

"Scalable research on speech"


"We are very satisfied with the cooperation; The Genius Voice team has listened carefully to our suggestions on what the interface should look like, what requirements it should meet, and which features are of the utmost importance to make it a suitable tool for data collection. It took us a few rounds to develop the optimal solution and Genius Voice was very patient and did its best to meet our needs and requirements. Throughout the process, they responded on time and were involved and motivated to help us create the best tool possible."

- Caroline Goukens, Anne-Kathrin Klesse


"The interface that Genius Voice has developed for us makes data collection much easier than before, as we can now conduct our research online with different panels; we simply integrate the interface into our questionnaire tool. This allows us to answer our research question in a realistic, digital setting and guarantees the validity of the results we achieve." 

- Caroline Goukens, Anne-Kathrin Klesse