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Conversational AI becomes a vital subject within many organizations. Whether you've already got a bot or are in the decision process of getting one, we'll help you out!

Experienced in conversational AI for 5 years.

Learn about the possibilities of conversational AI for your business.

Doubting about bots? We'll give you all information to make an informed decision.

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Free introduction session

1-hour intro session, all the basics

What is conversational AI about?

What are the pro's and con's?

What are the most impactful business implications?

In-person or online

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Intermediate in conversations

2-hour session

All topics from the introduction session

Machine learning and Data science coverage

Organization-specific use-case prototyping

In-person or online

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Full-day Conversational AI workshop

8-hour learning and doing

All topics from the intermediate session

Organizational impact

Collective prototype creation

In-person or online

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